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Boarding will be available for up to five horses from October 2013, with 18 acres of good grazing, new fences without barbed wire, and dedicated stables within the barn. Barn has insulated running water, hydro (electricity) with lighting to main area and stables. Stables have hay rack, insulated water tub and feed tub, concrete painted floors and rubber mats throughout.




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The horses will be fed hay throughout the winter and a small feed every day throughout the year of 14% horse ration. Clean water constantly available with mineral and salt licks. Wood shavings are used for bedding kept clean every day used. Part of the trail system will be available with facilities being constantly upgraded.





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The cost of boarding with us to cover cost of above will be three hundred and ninety dollars per calendar month, but there would be a discount of 15% for the first year to allow for the development of more facilities, including field shelter, extensions to barn, allowing for integrated tack room, interior exercise and training areas, tearoom and dedicated washroom. An event course will be available for use by summer 2013, along with extensive trails and flat race course. An outside rectangle training area and round pen New Barn 3will be available by October 2012. All veterinarian/ farrier costs will be covered by horse owner who must also establish suitability of accommodation for their horse.






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Horses brought to Rainbow Ranch must be disease free and good natured with other horses. A contract is to be drawn up between horse owners and ourselves guaranteeing the above. Persons boarding their horses may allow friends with qualifying horses onto the property for the purpose of using courses and trails, free of charge, although paying boarders always have priority. It is our intention to have facilities available to invite the wider community to occasional events to be held throughout the year.


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