Rainbow Ranch Welsh Cob Section D




UK Reg No: 119555


Born 6th April 1999 out of Mitcheltroy M’Lady by Mitcheltroy Seldom Seen. A typical 14.3 hh Welsh Cob, saddle back ‘type’ mare, wonderful sweet loving temperament, forward going, extravagant paces, good bone, strong bodied, great conformation.







UK Reg No: 150312


Born 18th July 2007 out of Trefrifawr Duchess by Ffald Black Knight. A beautiful 14.2 hh sweet, intelligent, black Welsh cob, saddle back ‘type’ mare, a pleasure to own.








 Dessie 2


Born 28th June 2009 out of Trefrifawr Duchess by Coblynau Cwmbran (champion cob stallion 1999 Toronto). 14.2 hh Welsh Cob, saddle back ‘type’ bay mare, exceptionally sweet, affectionate nature, great confirmation.







Welsh Cob Section D

Of a type greater than 14.2 hh. A majestic horse with extravagant paces, forward going, courageous, strong bodied, with good bone, wonderful conformation, making them an amazing show spectacle, always eager to please and will work all day.